Norges’ Karsten Kallevig: In crude wealth

The headquarters of Norway’s central bank and $830bn oil fund is understated. Discreet despite its enormous scale – not unlike the Oslo-based investor itself. Once… Read more »

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72 hours in Stockholm

Clean, fresh and simple, Stockholm is the epitome of understated cool. Laid back but efficient, stylish but androgynous; the city has a Baltic, utilitarian charm… Read more »

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Global Investor Guide: Norway gives the green light to inward investment

It takes a while to get used to the Norwegians. A reputation that, far from shunning as an insult, the locals embrace wholeheartedly. “We are… Read more »

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Pod Works: thinking inside the box

When Sir Giles Gilbert Scott designed the iconic red telephone box in 1924 he probably never imagined they would one day become offices, libraries, cafes… Read more »

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Confidence has returned

Within six weeks of the Brexit vote, the window of opportunity for investors to benefit from discounted acquisitions all but closed and we returned to… Read more »

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The global picture changes, depending on how you look at it

Investment activity and the value of commercial property are good indicators of the broader economic situation. They highlight risk and opportunity in specific regions or… Read more »

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Five things you need to know about… preparing for adversity

Brexit? No government in Spain? Refugees? Trump for president? Perennial economic cycles? Take your pick on causation, but whatever your real estate business and wherever… Read more »

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Property hotspots around Britain’s high speed rail plans

The first phase of HS2 – the new high-speed rail line – linking London and Birmingham (see below) is running a bit late. Estimates suggest… Read more »

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Villa Marittima, Australia, by Robin Williams Architect

Five things you need to know about development dust-ups from around the world

1 UK rights of light Rights of light are a perennial issue when developing land in England and Wales. A typical development site will be… Read more »

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CEBR forecasts contraction in UK cities economy

The EU referendum result has led to a significant reduction in the short-term economic outlook for cities across the UK, according to the UK Powerhouse… Read more »

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10 reasons why you should invest in logistics

1 I want it now Our shopping expectations have shifted significantly in recent years. If you see it on the way to work, you want… Read more »

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Five things you need to know about Norwegians

1 They say what they mean and they mean what they say There is no such thing as tact in Norway. Direct, to the point… Read more »

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