10 cities to invest in right now

Technology trendsetters: up-and-coming start-up cities Tel Aviv Silicon Wadi is the Middle East’s answer to Silicon Valley, with its specialist field of cybersecurity driving the fintech… Read more »

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Tech “has no respect for the Atlantic”

Speaking at Hightower’s UK launch this morning, Brandon Weber added that, until recently, the lack of sophisticated tech products in the real estate space had made… Read more »

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Is Brexit’s bark worse than its bite?

You have seen it a thousand times: “Keep calm and carry on”. Printed on countless tea towels, mugs and T-shirts, this cosy Second World War… Read more »

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Need to know numbers behind the 10 cities to invest in right now

TH Real Estate reveals some of the key stats behind their selection of investment hotspots. Top 10 cities you need to invest in right now… Read more »

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Redeveloping Brixton Arches: but at what price?

Nothing livens up a planning meeting like a glitter bomb. A shower of blood-red sparkles raining down amid catcalls of angry protest is a far… Read more »

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The space race

Plans to colonise space have been around for decades. Back in 1975, the conclusion of a NASA-sponsored study said: “The people of Earth have both… Read more »

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Pavegen: new technology takes to the floor

When you walk into the workplace of an innovative company run by a young, tie-eschewing entrepreneur, you might have some expectations. An uber-trendy address, perhaps?… Read more »

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Jacob Loftus: building for the next generation

There is never a perfect time to make risky, life-changing decisions. But nothing crystallises the reality of what is at stake more than starting a… Read more »

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Rent set to soar in emerging tech hubs

The report shows Sydney on top with rents forecast to increase by 27.5% over the period, followed by Berlin, Austin and Madrid which are all… Read more »

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Lisbon Special: Welcome to the California of Europe

Everything you need to know about the California of Europe >>   It’s not San Francisco – but it has a bridge and a tech sector… Read more »

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Reformers and pragmatists help Lisbon pull in the investors 

After some years of pariah status, Lisbon is firmly back on the radar screen of the international investment community. Indeed, 2015 investment transaction volumes of… Read more »

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Lisbon: Five trends to watch

One Down by the river The azure blue River Tagus – the longest on the Iberian Peninsula – meanders through Spain and Portugal before opening… Read more »

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