Middle East

Tech City guide: Tel Aviv

Israel is known as the start-up nation, and there is no doubt that Tel Aviv is the jewel in its tech crown. Walk into any… Read more »

E Europe

Blockade means uncertainty for future of Qatari investment

There can be absolutely no doubt about the extent of Qatar’s heavy investment abroad in recent years. Since 2004 the gas-rich Gulf state has invested… Read more »

M Middle East

UK owners still dominate London office ownership

Cash from around the world has poured into the capital’s business districts in recent years, but domestic owners still rule the roost. Looking at office… Read more »

A Asia

Tel Aviv investors look abroad for higher yields

“We haven’t seen transactions for the best quality buildings in Tel Aviv for two or three years now,” bemoans Dudi Daniel, head of real estate… Read more »

M Middle East

The increasing appeal of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

It may be an odd quirk of the global capital markets, but Israel has become a major centre for US investors and developers to raise… Read more »

M Middle East
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Global rankings

Emirates seeking international investment

With oil prices fluctuating, the emirates are increasingly looking for cash injections from UK, EU and US investors. But to help international investors navigate a… Read more »

M Middle East

Hussain Sajwani: The Donald of Dubai

Hussain Sajwani wants to have a candid discussion. A chat about property, yes. But also a frank conversation about the reality of doing business transparently in… Read more »

M Middle East

Secondary cities withstand shaky politics

Europe’s fractious politics will have a big year in 2017. With populist movements gaining ground and parts of eastern Europe led back out into the… Read more »

A Africa

Middle East overview: real estate in numbers

Continent overview 182m 80m 2.80% $980bn 19 26.5 yrs Urban population Rural population Projected GDP growth rate in Fastest-growing economy: Iran Total wealth of ultra… Read more »

M Middle East

Property giants combat the age of anxiety

Nothing says business like a dramatic, black-and-white short film. A slick edit, high production values and wide, sweeping shots of perfectly tailored men and women… Read more »

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