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Do we need real estate developers to develop real estate?

Most people, if they are honest with themselves, would probably draw a bit of a blank when asked to explain what building a city “from… Read more »

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Tax, ‘toppiness’ and the non-existent Trump bump. Just what is happening in the US real estate market?

Whatever you might think of the US’s new president, many expected Donald Trump’s election to boost business and US growth in general. CBRE’s head of… Read more »

N North America

Gathering together for the health of all

Almost everybody will be familiar with the huge advances being made in life sciences and their consequent applications. Treatments and therapies are being established almost… Read more »

E Europe

The master builder

What would the world look like if, as an architect, you could tell people what to do? “I’d like to think it would be a better… Read more »

E Europe

New York Met

Aaron Block is everything you would expect from a Chicago-born, New York City-based real estate broker turned tech entrepreneur living in New Jersey. As extrovert… Read more »

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Global rankings

Centres of excellence

The top 100 richest cities in the world account for around one-third of global GDP. To access 25% of available global output, you would need… Read more »

A Asia

Austin’s power

An enclave of liberalism in one of America’s most conservative strongholds, Austin Texas is a hippie’s haven in the Lone Star state. It’s an eclectic… Read more »

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Secondary cities withstand shaky politics

Europe’s fractious politics will have a big year in 2017. With populist movements gaining ground and parts of eastern Europe led back out into the… Read more »

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Economic growth hinges on ‘dialled back’ Donald Trump

Economic growth is contingent on Donald Trump running a presidency that is more moderate than his campaign. That is according to Michael Gately, head of… Read more »

N North America

Millennials offer bright future after Trump

We must look to the millennials for hope for the future following Donald Trump’s US presidential victory says CBRE’s San Francisco vice president. Bay Area… Read more »

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