Secondary cities withstand shaky politics

Europe’s fractious politics will have a big year in 2017. With populist movements gaining ground and parts of eastern Europe led back out into the… Read more »

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Africa overview: real estate in numbers

Continent overview 472m 695m 8.5% $301bn 85 19.5 yrs Urban population Rural population Projected GDP growth rate in Fastest-growing economy: Ivory coast Total wealth of… Read more »

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Property giants combat the age of anxiety

Nothing says business like a dramatic, black-and-white short film. A slick edit, high production values and wide, sweeping shots of perfectly tailored men and women… Read more »

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Why UK investors are heading to South Africa

An interesting trend has recently emerged of UK property companies packing their bags and bringing their investment cases to South Africa. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s… Read more »

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Future friend or foe?

Forty miles southwest of Seoul, Songdo International Business District sits like a sated siren. Built on land reclaimed from the tidal marshes of South Korea’s… Read more »

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South Africa’s preventable, lamentable deterioration is pushing investors to the UK

It is no surprise that South African investment into the UK has recently become a gushing torrent, writes Deirdre Hipwell, retail and M&A correspondent at The… Read more »

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How will Africa’s cities cope with its growing population?

It is said that the shift from rural to urban is the most significant phenomenon in Africa since independence. Lagos, Nigeria – Africa’s second-largest city… Read more »

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Africa investment overview Q1 2016

A 54-nation land mass capable of fitting China, the US and Canada within its borders, the continent of Africa is as diverse as it is… Read more »

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Opportunities in Africa’s emerging markets

Falling oil prices look set to open up new investment opportunities in Africa’s emerging markets as an unexpected list of nations make up a new… Read more »

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Africa real estate analysis autumn 2015

Falling oil prices have hit some African countries hard, creating opportunities for emerging nations not reliant on commodities As the global markets shift and rebalance,… Read more »

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