Myanmar at the crossroads

As Myanmar finds its feet under its new government, so too must real estate investors and developers keen to explore the market. David Doyle meets Cyrus Pun, head of real estate at Singapore-listed developer Yoma, which is doing just that

SuleStand at the crossroads of the Bogyoke and Sule Pagoda roads in central Yangon and the collision of Myanmar’s history and emerging modernisation is clear.

Looking south, a golden Buddhist pagoda dominates the main roundabout, reflecting the humid heat onto an endless stream of taxis. Across the road, the old Sri Kamichi Hindu temple jostles for sunlight with Myanmar’s brand new, and first, KFC.

And behind you, next to the Aung San Bogyoke market – named after the father of Myanmar’s democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the man credited with giving the country…

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