Central and South America

UK owners still dominate London office ownership

Cash from around the world has poured into the capital’s business districts in recent years, but domestic owners still rule the roost. Looking at office… Read more »

A Asia

Accor checks in to the millennial mindset

The furniture is inflatable and the tables are on wheels. Even the kitchen units can be swiftly moved aside if a party breaks out. There… Read more »

C Central and South America

Secondary cities withstand shaky politics

Europe’s fractious politics will have a big year in 2017. With populist movements gaining ground and parts of eastern Europe led back out into the… Read more »

A Africa

Central & South America overview: real estate in numbers

Continent overview 509m 131m 6.2% $997bn 22 29.6 yrs Urban population Rural population Projected GDP growth rate of Fastest-growing economy: Paraguay Total wealth of ultra… Read more »

C Central and South America

Property giants combat the age of anxiety

Nothing says business like a dramatic, black-and-white short film. A slick edit, high production values and wide, sweeping shots of perfectly tailored men and women… Read more »

A Africa
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Global rankings

Masterplan aims to transform Colombia’s future cities

The regeneration of Cali city in Colombia is one of Latin America’s most ambitious new masterplans. Over the next 12 years, the 56,400ha development will… Read more »

C Central and South America

South America investment overview Q1 2016

Economic deceleration, a decrease in commodity prices and political challenges were seen across South America in 2015. Following heightened volatility in the region’s currencies in… Read more »

C Central and South America

Mexican growth offers investment opportunities

With a strong manufacturing industry, a location next to the US, and a president who wants to boost GDP growth, Mexico offers many opportunities The… Read more »

C Central and South America

South America real estate analysis: autumn 2015

Plunging commodities prices have hit the resource-focused continent, but there is still scope for investment, writes Katie Puckett The party may be over in the… Read more »

C Central and South America

Investment opportunities in South America

South America is hoping for a better year than 2014, but investment opportunities could still prove difficult to find. Cushman & Wakefield’s South American capital… Read more »

C Central and South America