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Accor checks in to the millennial mindset

Jo&Joe hotels aim to cash in on the philosophy and spending power of millennials

The furniture is inflatable and the tables are on wheels. Even the kitchen units can be swiftly moved aside if a party breaks out. There are guitars in the corner ready for an impromptu jam session, projectors hang from the ceiling, and the fridge is fully stocked with beer. There is even a smoothie machine powered by a bicycle for the health-conscious. Welcome to French hospitality giant AccorHotels’ latest venture, Jo&Joe.

It is a hotel concept designed to be as flexible (or perhaps indecisive) as its core audience: the millennials (those born between 1982 and 2004). Accor has introduced the new brand to appeal to a major consumer base that is only set to grow. The hotel group estimates that millennial spending power will be $336bn (£261bn) by 2020. It needed something to offer this generation, and to do it fast. Now the company has plans to open 50 Jo&Joe locations globally by 2020 and has established a lifestyle division specifically to manage this and other new brands.

The first hotel opened in May in the French coastal surf town of Hossegor and will be followed by sites in Paris and Bordeaux, due to…

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