BPF boss: Government must push on with infrastructure projects

The chief executive of the British Property Federation has said the government must focus on pushing ahead with infrastructure projects despite the Brexit vote.

Melanie Leech said: “We’re obviously seeing a lot of turbulence both in currency and the market so the immediate priority has to be for the government and the bank to take decisive action to try and stabilise that position, to maintain confidence both in currency and the marketplace.

“Looking beyond that, obviously it’s very early days. We all know that the process of leaving the EU is going to be a very long and complicated one and I don’t think any of us know where that’s going to end up.

“So for us the priority is that the government remains focused on the things that are outside that, things critical for the UK economy like big infrastructure projects, not delaying a decision on airport capacity, pressing on with HS2 and other major projects.

“We’re hoping, to the extent that it can be within that uncertain world, it’s business as usual on some of those big projects, housing and so on. We will work with whoever the government of the day is and whoever the individuals are.

“But we would very much hope the focus will remain, as Brandon [Lewis, housing and planning minister] has had it, on housing and that the government’s focus, [Department for Communities and Local Government minister] Greg Clark’s focus, has been very much on regeneration, on infrastructure on devolution within the UK, and all of that good work must continue.”

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