Europe overview: investment in numbers

Continental Europe sees a surge in appetite for all asset classes while the UK market grapples with the uncertainty brought about by Brexit. Janie Manzoori-Stamford delves deep

Continent overview






41.9 yrs

Urban population Rural population Projected GDP growth rate of Fastest-growing economy: Ireland Total wealth of ultra high net worth individuals Population growth rate per hour of Fastest-growing city: London Median age of population


Investment data

Total H1 2015

Total H1 2016

% change YOY

Capital market flow total $166.9bn $117.5bn -29.6
Domestic investment $77.6bn $64.8bn -16.6
Cross-border investment $89.3bn $52.7bn -40.9

Source: Real Capital Analytics

Ageing and urbanisation in Europe


EU27 population aged 65+ (%)

Proportion of people living in cities in Europe (%)

2000 15.7 70
2015 18.5 73.4
2030 23.6 80

Source: Eurostat

Did you know?

There has been a 25% year-on-year rise in investment in non-traditional assets over the past five years.

Need-to-know trends


The biggest story of 2016 has been Brexit. Uncertainty remains in the UK market…

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