Ireland ranked eighth most transparent market

Ireland has the eighth most transparent real estate market in the world, and fourth in Europe, according to JLL.

The result was recorded on the advisory firm’s Global Real Estate Transparency Index, which was launched this week.

The survey, which has been running for 17 years, ranks market transparency across 109 areas globally.
Ireland was placed in the top 10 alongside the UK, Australia, Canada, US, France, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany and Finland.

Ireland scored particularly highly for the increase in its number of listed real estate companies since the last index.

Hannah Dwyer, head of research said: “A significant benefit that Ireland now has above the other European countries is that it is the only remaining English-speaking member of the European Union and the Euro. Ireland also has a long tradition of being an open economy, with a young skilled workforce, and a competitive corporate tax rate at 12.5%.

“With such a pro-business environment and proximity to Britain, Ireland is well-positioned from an occupier and investor perspective to benefit from some of the post-Brexit uncertainty, and we are expecting to see a positive short-term bounce in demand from these sectors”.

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