Let our EU exit be a force for good

I love New York. It’s where can meets do. I also love Hong Kong, where East meets West. And Sydney, where work meets play. But none of these great cities can hold a candle to London


Since establishing the St Bride’s World Cities Model in 2011, London has been ranked number one every year. For those of us who live or work in London, this is no great surprise. We have come to appreciate that it is now much more than just the capital of the UK. It is a centre of global excellence in business, culture, diversity, education, sport, the rule of law and integrity.

So, I was rather taken aback when a well-travelled, UK-educated Chinese businessman reckoned that our vote to exit the EU demonstrated a fundamental flaw in democracy. He suggested that “such a mindless act of self-destruction for both London and the rest of the UK” could never occur in China. He was rapidly reminded that the power of democracy lies less in the actual freedom to vote, and more in the acceptance and embracing of the outcome.

Here we are then. We are told that there is no going back and so, whichever way we may have voted individually, embrace life outside the EU we will.

But please, let our exit be a force for good and not simply retrenchment. Let’s build on our global standing, not diminish it. Let’s not forget that:


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