Lisbon Special: Welcome to the California of Europe

Once a hard-hit casualty of the global recession, an influx of international tech brands and record levels of overseas investment are fuelling a cult-like following for all things Lisbon. So what to you need to know about the California of Europe?

Everything you need to know about the California of Europe >>  

It’s not San Francisco – but it has a bridge and a tech sector to match. Portugal’s capital is starting its post-recession climb up the world rankings of places to live, work and invest. Emily Wright travelled to Lisbon to find out why the city is giving its North American counterpart a run for its money. Read more…

Five investment trends to watch in the Portuguese capital >>

Lisbon has captured the hearts of overseas investors, entrepreneurs and travellers alike over the past 18 months. But what about the year to come? Emily Wright uncovers five of the key investment trends.  Read more…

Restoration, restoration, restoration: The man rebuilding the Lisbon’s decaying buildings >> 

In a city of neglected period buildings and crumbling façades, one luxury developer is rebuilding history. Emily Wright meets the co-founder of Stone Capital, Lisbon’s leading restoration developer. Read more…

MAAT Finish: Lisbon’s cultural scene hits the international big-time >>

When the show-stopping Amanda Levete-designed Museum for Art and Architecture and Technology opens next month it will herald the dawn of a truly international cultural scene in Lisbon. And investors are hot on its heels. Emily Wright took a tour.  Read more…

LX factory: A world-famous tech haven rises from a stalled urban regen project >>

The topsy-turvy story of the bureaucratic nightmare that turned into a fairy tale for the tech era. Read more…

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