Norse power

Under its cosy exterior is a well-drilled business region, and Scandinavian countries can offer safe, low-risk returns in increasingly turbulent times.

Over the last 18 months, the world has fallen head over cable-knit-sock-clad heels in love with the Nordics, wooed by a lifestyle consisting mainly of oversized jumpers, open fires and piles of blankets in varying shades of cream.

But while there are plenty of reasons to be looking to our Scandi neighbours for sanctuary right now, none of them involve retreating to a candlelit cabin.

In an increasingly uncertain world, the Nordics can offer something far more comforting than hygge: economic and social stability. A network of financially independent, successful powerhouses are not built on Instagram shots of fingerless gloves. This is where the decidedly non-snug elements of the Nordic way come into play – like the fact there is no usable word for “please” in the Norwegian language, or that tact as a concept is not openly recognised and the locals do not believe in even the lightest of sugar coatings.

The Scandinavians are direct when it comes to business deals and negotiations. They say what they mean and they mean what they say. And it is this straightforward transparency that has stood them in such good stead.

It also makes them an attractive investment opportunity. “We…

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