Pod Works: thinking inside the box

British businessman Jonathan Black is following up his Bar Works co-working concept, launched last year, with Pod Works, a one-man workstation based on the red telephone box

When Sir Giles Gilbert Scott designed the iconic red telephone box in 1924 he probably never imagined they would one day become offices, libraries, cafes and art galleries. These new-found functions have redefined a piece of uniquely British heritage that was at risk of being consigned to the history books.

The office version of the ubiquitous red cubicles heralds a new chapter in the story of their renaissance, not to mention in the ever-evolving concept of creative workspaces.

And it is all thanks to Pod Works, a company started by British entrepreneur Jonathan Black. A resident of New York, he is breathing new life into the phone boxes by transforming them into one-man workstations, delivering a level of convenience to workers on the go that has never been seen before.

It is not the first time Black has been inspired to conceive a new way of working, either. He is also the driving force behind a growing chain of co-working offices called Bar Works – offices that, as the name suggests, are effectively retrofitted restaurants or bars with desks and chairs arranged around them.

So what was the inspiration behind these innovative and convenient office concepts? What is Black’s vision…

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