Smart cities need intelligent infrastructure

The June 2017 EG London Investor Guide delves into the innovations and the investment fuelling the UK capital’s smart credentials. Download your copy here.

Cities are under a lot of pressure. Once upon a time it was perfectly acceptable for global metropolises and the buildings they comprised to stand stoic, solid and unassuming; inanimate collections of building materials clustered together to form a physical framework in which humans could exist. Not any more. Now they need a brain.

From connectivity ratings and tablet-controlled automated desk assignment to WiFi-charged park benches and streets paved with kinetic energy tiles, the world’s leading global cities are battling to prove they are smart enough to keep up with an increasingly digitised population. And London is no exception.

The UK capital’s tech sector is worth £19bn, which makes it the largest in Europe. And we need an intelligent city infrastructure to match.

This issue of the EG London Investor Guide delves into the innovations and the investment fuelling the UK capital’s smart credentials, whether it’s the value of an emerging life sciences sector – see Richard Howard’s comment and our report on the Francis Crick institute – or the City of London Corporation’s grand plans for London’s digital transformation .

For anyone still in any doubt over the city’s claim to be a leading intelligent city of the future, find out more…

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