Tech City guide: Paris

The Paris tech sector is strong by any reckoning, but it is not cheap. EG gives you the lowdown in the latest of our series on Tech Cities around the world

The Paris tech sector is strong by any reckoning – the European Union’s digital cities index puts it sixth out of 60 cities – but has always been an expensive place to live, which chokes the supply of young dynamic tech entrepreneurs.

Nonetheless, the city has produced a handful of unicorns, such as car-pooling app BlaBlaCar, and has powerful government support in organisations like Le French Tech – a Franglais name fronting very French effort to accredit tech start-up ecosystems.

It is also now home of the world’s biggest start-up hub, Station F, which could help to cement the city’s position as one of Europe’s growing tech hubs.



Frédéric Mazzella
Founder and president, BlaBlaCar

Nicolas Brusson
Co-founder and chief executive, BlaBlaCar

Roxanne Varza
Director, Station F

Patrick Ollier
First president, Métropole du Grand Paris

Mikael Benfredj
Founder, Patchwork Paris

Station F: a tour de force in the tech world

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