Wellness champions: Despina Katsikakis, Paul Scialla and Matthew Webster

The champions behind the wellness movement are some of the world’s biggest players

The global guru

Despina Katsikakis

Whether you are a developer, a landlord, an occupier or an investor, if there is one person you should have on speed dial, it is Despina Katsikakis.

Because the ground beneath workplace design is shifting. Not year on year. But every month, week, day, hour. And, in some cases, every minute, even every second. So how can companies possibly keep up?

Well, Google calls Katsikakis. So does Sir Stuart Lipton. And the BBC. Siemens? Unilever? Microsoft? They all do too. And these are companies and individuals with stellar reputations for being one step ahead when it comes to delivering office environments that actually work. Both in terms of giving staff what they want and, crucially, driving profit.

So what is it that Katsikakis tells them? How does she boost her clients’ commercial performance and the wellbeing of staff through the physical attributes of a workspace? And why is emulating Google the worst thing anyone can possibly do on the quest for the perfect office building?

The basics

The first thing the property industry needs to know about Katsikakis – a trained architect herself with 30 years’ experience in the field of workplace transformation –…

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