Investment will continue to flow into London despite political concerns

London will always attract cross-border investment irrespective of geopolitical concerns that might threaten the market, says AlloyMtd boss.

Dr Azmil Khalid, group president and chief executive of Malaysian infrastructure firm AlloyMtd, said that capital will continue to flow into London regardless of Brexit and other global market conditions.

“You have seen the waves of investment coming from the Middle East, the sub-continent, Russia, Asia Pacific, the US and Canada over different periods of time – London will always remain that,” he said. “Who comes in at what time in the cycle is the only difference.” 

Khalid said that London and the UK is particularly attractive to investors from Malaysia because of the historical connection between the two countries.

“Malaysia is part of the Commonwealth and a lot of its captains of industry are children of the Commonwealth and also they were educated in the UK. The UK offers them familiarity, comfort and a level of confidence,” he explained.

“They will keep coming here and the UK will remain a first port of call if they want to invest overseas.”

AlloyMtd is developing One Crown Place, a mixed-use development in Hackney, close to the City of London. The site was bought from UBS in 2013 and planning permission for 246 luxury…

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