Total value of world’s biggest real estate firms revealed

The results are in. It has been a whirlwind year for property. What has that meant for the top 100 real estate owners? 

Only the US, China, Japan and Germany have GDPs larger than the total assets held by Estates Gazette Global’s top 100 real estate owners. This year, the top 100 owned a total of $3.6tn of property, a $400bn increase on the figure recorded last year.

Focusing on real assets, rather than debt and securities, the list pulls together investors from all over the globe.

Canada-based Brookfield Asset Management remains the standout leader, with almost $130bn of assets. Blackstone (read an interview with the firm’s new Asia boss) rises to second place from third last year with $94bn, while TIAA-CREF climbs two places to take third with $89bn.

A reduction in total assets from $90.6bn to $86bn saw CBRE Global Investors drop from second to fifth. And despite a $2.7bn increase in assets, China Vanke slipped out of the top five.

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