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Has the Bay Area bubble burst?

After years of phenomenal growth, Silicon Valley and San Francisco’s tech hubs are showing signs of a slowdown, and London could soon follow. Emily Wright meets CBRE’s Bay Area boss to find out more

In San Francisco’s Mission District you can buy a greeting card that is so indicative of the city’s start-up culture, you could not really be anywhere else. “Congratulations on closing your…

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Greater London’s planning application hotspots

EG has picked out the top eight London postcodes that have seen increases in planning applications. The hotspots, located mainly across outer London, averaged just three… Read more »

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Blockade means uncertainty for future of Qatari investment

There can be absolutely no doubt about the extent of Qatar’s heavy investment abroad in recent years. Since 2004 the gas-rich Gulf state has invested… Read more »

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UK owners still dominate London office ownership

Cash from around the world has poured into the capital’s business districts in recent years, but domestic owners still rule the roost. Looking at office… Read more »

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