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Witheringly direct, brashly confident, proptech entrepreneur Aaron Block is a perfect fit for his company’s base – but MetaProp NYC has ambitions on a global scale

Aaron Block is everything you would expect from a Chicago-born, New York City-based real estate broker turned tech entrepreneur living in New Jersey. As extrovert as they come, he is loud, blunt and fast-talking. But don’t let the showman fool you.

Behind the bright, all-American smile is a hard-nosed businessman who wastes zero time sugarcoating the facts. Direct to the point of withering, the managing director and co-founder of proptech accelerator MetaProp NYC says: “I would challenge the chief executives of all the large property corporates and ask them ‘what is your plan to engage with next generation property technology?’ And the ones that don’t have an answer? I would short their stock. Right now.”

Based on more than 15 years’ experience in the property and technology sectors – including a decade at Cushman & Wakefield in Chicago as a commercial broker – the 39-year-old is convinced that the ground beneath the global real estate sector “is irreversibly shifting”. And anyone who still sees tech as a peripheral issue needs to think again. “Anyone who has been to Davos, anyone who listens to analysts from Goldman Sachs, anyone who is talking to any of the big banks…

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