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New York’s top five co-working spaces

The Big Apple’s start-up sector is growing rapidly and attracting the interest of venture capitalists. At the end of Q2 2015, some $1.9bn had been pumped into start-ups by VCs. But while the investment is corporate, the start-up mindset is anything but. The place to invest, if you want access to this burgeoning and increasingly valuable occupier set is not in big shiny offices but in co-working hubs. Emily Wright takes a look at New York’s top five

NYC’s top five co-working spaces

1 WeWork

Who? The big daddy of co-working with 56 locations across 17 cities. WeWork’s cool, location-specific interiors are aimed at everyone from start-ups and freelancers to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Where? 19 locations across the city – check out Fulton Center at 222 Broadway though. Right in the financial heart of the city, Gordon Gekko’s…

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