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“Washington needed a shake-up” says former Bush adviser 

Donald Trump’s victory could give Washington a much-needed shake-up it even if it is not the one many people wanted, says George W Bush’s former economic adviser.

Dr Pippa Malmgren said the election result marked the start of “a serious shift” in global politics, especially as Trump looks to secure “a full sweep of the house and senate”.

She added that the result was not hugely surprising, pointing out that polls were nothing more than a “mathematical algorithm” and that ignoring sentiment and rally turnout figures was akin to the rest of the world having one eye shut to the opinion of swathes of Americans.

Malmgren also said that the result might not prove to be as catastrophic as many fear: “I am not a Trump fan but I suspect he will surprise us and that his reputation will improve over time.”

As for Trump’s comments on women Malmgren said: “They make me feel uneasy. On one hand I am disturbed. On the other can I name a single man I know who hasn’t at one point in his life had those thoughts or said them out loud in a private situation with the boys?”

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